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BTC X79 x 5 Miner Motherboard



Brand new X79 BTC 5 card slot mining board with Switch Cable +24Pins Power Connector+CPU Cooling Fan Kit


If you want to use CPU (not included), please use CPUs below 2630, such as 26 series such as 2603 2609 2620 2603 V2 2609 V2 2620 V2

The BTC X79 motherboard uses the H61 chip and a single-channel 2011 socket CPU;

Design 5 Pcie3.0X8 graphics interface

The computing power of a single card is up to 48MH/s or more, and it perfectly supports 4G video memory graphics cards, which greatly improves the mining function of computing power.

In-line 5 card X79 (H61 chip) motherboard, support 3060 3070 3080 3080 TI graphics card!!!

60mm large-spacing graphics slot.



Supported CPU platform: for Intel XEON

Chipset: for Intel H61

Supported CPU type: E5-26XX (supports 26 series CPUs below 2630)

Audio chip: N/A

Supported CPU socket: 2011

Network card chip: 1*REALIEK 8105E 100M network card

Memory type: DDR3 supports desktop and server memory

Support Maximum memory capacity: 32G

Working environment: 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing, -20°c-60°c

Memory description: Support 1066/1333/1600/1866MHz frequency


Detailed interface:

1. CPU socket: 1*LGA(2011)

2. USB port: 4*USB 2.0

3. USB pin: 1*USB 2.0

4. Hard disk interface: 1*SATA 3.0

5. Hard disk interface: 1*MSATA

6. Network card interface: 1*LAN

7. Memory slot: 1*DDR3

8. Chipset: BGA (H61)

9. BIOS initial restore: JCMOS

10. Graphics interface: 5*PCI Express 3.0 8X, pitch 60mm

11. Motherboard/graphics card power supply: 6*POWER_PE

12. Self-initiated call: AUTO_ON



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